The Horoscope Hindsight

December 17, 2022


Today you are going to do something exciting, something new, something different. Be prepared to be open to the opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it. You will be optimistic about the future and try not to focus on what brings you down. Great things are coming but remember during those low moments other people don’t define you. Don’t let every little interaction affect you so intensely. 


You might have to face some challenges today, but don’t lose yourself. Stay focused on the goal and don’t let anyone distract you from what you need to do. You may be stubborn but don’t engage with others that are bringing you down with them. Do not stay in the argument just because you think you are right; walk away, you can do it.


You will use your energy for good today. If you are challenged or struggle, you will push through and get results. Remember to talk to new people, you have a very radiant energy that makes others feel comfortable. Do not walk out on those close to you, and remember your words have power so choose them wisely.


You need to get out of your own way. You have been working hard for this moment so push yourself out of your comfort zone today. Do something that makes you happy. Don’t be scared to act in the moment but find your inner confidence. Calm down with the mind games, you know what you are doing.


You are in the perfect position to make everything happen for yourself. Don’t spend your time diminishing the success of others but focus on your own. You are confident being the center of attention, but let others have a chance sometimes. 


A text message or phone call from someone new could come to you today. You are already a very social person but don’t push off forming deeper connections with people just because you think you already have enough friends. Open to someone new, invite someone to do something, and form deeper connections. Forget your trust issues for one second and be friendly.


You will talk to someone interesting today, use the opportunity for a meaningful conversation. People enjoy having conversations with you, your energy brightens the room. Give yourself some time to breathe. Remember to destress after a long day, walk your dog, go for a run, put on a facemask. 


You might have to defend your values and challenge someone else’s. Don’t let anyone try to shame you for your beliefs or your aspirations. They are yours to embody, however you please. Stand your ground and don’t get left out of the conversation. You deserve to be heard. Just because others are speaking louder doesn’t mean your thoughts are any less important. 


You have an amazing chill personality, and you are very fortunate. People are drawn to your energy, but you are also dedicated and hard working. You mostly close yourself off to others that are not in your immediate circle but talk to someone new. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk to people in the halls, or to open them up to your family. Today you will talk to someone with a similar interest to you and you will end up being very close.


You will get the opportunity to do something new today. Do something outside of your usual routine today. Start a new exercise routine, take out your old yoga mat, get out your old German flash cards. It can feel good to go back to something familiar, but it is also nice to try new things occasionally. Don’t rush back into everything at once though, take your time. 


You will feel a strong bond come into your life today. Whether it is someone you are always around, or someone who has just recently entered your life. Explore this new connection. Dive into the possibilities of a new relationship, study the energy it brings and decide whether this is something you want to explore.


You tend to leave a storm behind you everywhere you go. You like to stay clean, but your creativity takes over sometimes. It frustrates you to lose things, but sometimes things get caught up in the chaos. Today you will make something beautiful. 

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