Bizarre Bazaar

December 17, 2022

Our take on amusing global news, from risky recipes, to resourceful job expeditions, and even inspirational stories from students just like us. Enjoy this breath of fresh air from traditional news a get a kick from these global headlines that are alike no other.

Don’t Cook Your Chicken in NyQuil

Sounds self-explanatory, though roasting your nice, whole chicken with some cough medication has become a new trending “recipe” the past weeks across social media platforms. The FDA has strongly recommended against this syrupy seasoning, and for good reason. Containing many potentially-harmful substances – if consumed at excessive qualities – such as acetaminophen and doxylamine, cooking your chicken a la Nyquil will not rid of the intoxicating side effects including but not limited to lung poisoning and blood clots. Stick to mojo, instead.

Getting Paid to do Nothing

The title pretty much outlines the job description as it is. Shoji Morimoto, a 38-year-old Japanese “landlord”, makes a substantial living being there for his companions. Renting his temporary friendship comes at a fairly reasonable $71, essentially idling around by his clients and accompanying their pastimes, which can involve sporadic conversation or bouncing on a see-saw, though he has rejected moving a fridge to Cambodia. Although it may sound ridiculous, Morimoto has been able to support both himself and his family (a wife and two kids), and it seems that in rebellion of the “hyper-usefulness” in today’s society, he has found that it is by doing nothing that he ends up making the biggest difference.

Veteran Turned Valedictorian

98-year-old Italian student Giuseppe Paterno has become the country’s oldest graduate as he just received his masters in philosophy and classical studies in Palermo. A former naval officer during WW2, Paterno ended up working in railways and wasn’t able to attend university when he was younger due to his humble Sicilian roots. An avid lover of books as well, Paterno passed among the top of his class with outstanding marks and doesn’t plan to stop now with his creative endeavors as he aims to write a novel with his trusty, old typewriter. Age is truly just a number.

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