The New York Times High School Program

December 17, 2022

This summer I participated in a School for the New York Times high school program. I took a course that aimed to teach students about the UN, media law, and journalism. Because this course was a two-week sleepaway camp in New York City I was initially nervous, but I ended up making lasting friendships and learned to look at the world through a journalistic lens.


I first learned about the School for the New York Times through researching high school programs online. I was immediately interested in this program as the teachers either worked in journalism or for the New York Times, placing an emphasis on immersion. Being able to learn from experts in the field made me want to apply because I wanted to gain an understanding of what it was like to pursue journalism as a profession. The program’s emphasis on immersion also meant that I would have the opportunity to explore New York City. I sent in my application in January and heard back rather quickly. Anticipation flooded my brain as I clicked on “application update.” When I saw the “congratulations” on the screen, I immediately told my parents and family who were overcome with joy about my exciting news. I applied for the first term which lasted from June 5th to June 17th. I could hardly wait to begin.


Our classrooms were not limited to the confines of the Fordham Law School but extended to the hustle and bustle of New York City’s melting pot. In my course, not only did we learn about the UN, its history, and its main organs, but we also got to go inside the UN and venture into the General Assembly and many other rooms. For the law section of my course, we had the opportunity to participate in mock trials and debate, discussing matters that we were vehemently passionate about. I absolutely loved my course because it placed an emphasis on how politics influence the world around us and how we can create change. I built a special bond with the students in my class during the two weeks. My classmates were motivated and hard-working and inspired me to always be curious and driven. Our dedication to helping each other made our class feel like a home where we could freely voice our opinions and passions.

Embracing the Big Apple

My mother and I flew into New York City on Sunday, June 5th. After waiting for this day for around 4 months today was finally the day. Apprehension began to consume my mind as I waved goodbye and walked into the towering doors guarding the Fordham campus. I received my room key and floor number from a group of counselors sitting in Fordham’s lobby and the fact that my floor number was 13 made me scared because of the bad-luck superstition. However, I made absolutely incredible friends and memories on Floor 13 that I will never forget.

“I loved my experience at the School for the New York Times because not only did I learn about the importance of journalism in disseminating truth and information about the world around us, but I also got to meet people from all over the world and make memories throughout the Big Apple that I will never forget.”

Together we had the opportunity to explore New York City and since we all came from different parts of America and the world, we also got to learn about each other’s cultures. We saw the Broadway play Wicked, went to multiple art museums, ate in many delicious restaurants, and toured Columbia University. Our counselors also took us to various places throughout New York City including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a bookstore called The Strand, New York University, and more. The immersion aspect of this program gave us the freedom to experience New York’s beautiful site locations, diversity, and culture.

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