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December 18, 2022

 With college applications and the community service deadline fast approaching, both juniors and seniors are scrambling for as many hours as possible. Several juniors, like myself are aiming for as many hours as possible to boost our college resume. Knowing the need for hours, I find it important to highlight the efforts of several clubs in aiding SAS students with community service and hopefully persuade students to take part. These clubs are not only fostering aid and support within our school but providing students with an important resource.

Two clubs come to mind when considering necessary opportunities to engage with our community: SAVE Promise Club, and Environmental club. SAVE Promise with its suicide awareness walk raised 200 dollars to support suicide prevention and offered participants 10 hours for their dedication and resolve. Meanwhile, Environmental Club has organized several cleanups offering hours while giving students the opportunity to help save our planet a bit more. These clubs headed by Stephanie He, Manuel Azpurua, and Bela Puente have done an exemplary job in aiding not only our school community but in raising awareness for important causes. Apart from these clubs, our school provides several more community service through other means. A readily available resource providing opportunities are the emails sent by Mrs. Martinez regarding community service opportunities.

Future cultural events were also given the okay to offer hours for volunteers aiding to spread cultural awareness and provide a diverse welcoming environment. Last but not least, while not an official part of our school, Box Club led by Milo Akerman, and Alexander Kolychkine is working to partner with the Miami-Dade Animal Services Department to provide stray cats with shelter, while giving us hours. SAS Wolfson is giving us several opportunities to boost our college resume while helping our community. Participating to gain hours, hopefully raises awareness of these issues and allows students to truly help others. If you would like more information on participating, please speak with the club presidents or Mrs. Martinez.

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