Student Athlete Interviews

Sophia Larralde

Aden Lazarus

What is it that you love about rowing?

”I like being on the water and enjoy the competitive environment.”


Apollo Santaniello

What are the best and worst parts about boxing as a student athlete?

“The best part of boxing is the sense of accomplishment knowing its a result of all my hard work. The worst part is dealing with failure and getting beat. Boxing is a very emotional sport and a lonely sport at that. Its always you alone vs one other guy yet is a sport with many ups and downs.”


Vy Elo

What is your favorite part about being an athlete?

“Being part of a team!”




Noah Scheinblum

Why did you pick track?

“I picked to run track because I like the competition and my dad also ran track so it allowed me to carry on the tradition. I also enjoy being part of the sport alongside my friends.”