How Advanced has AI Really Become?

April 4, 2023

Over the past few weeks, viral images of former President Donald   Trump being gang-tackled by the NYPD, Russian President Vladimir Putin being locked up in jail, and the head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis wearing a Moncler puffer jacket have surfaced around Twitter and other social media platforms. Although these images are very convincing, do not let them fool you. These pictures were created by AI art generators.

These AI art generators require the user to input a set of words or a phrase describing an image they want to be created. The AI then uses datasets of millions of images collected from the internet and analyzes the relationship between words and features in order to produce a new image. Many AI art fans call these images creepy and “too perfect” because of how realistic the results are. An AI content platform named Concured recently conducted a study where they asked users to pick one of two images that they thought was generated by an AI. The results showed that 35% of people chose the wrong image. This experiment shows the extent to which AI has progressed over the years and comes to show that it will continue to progress over the years.

Although these are images created by computer algorithms, there are some easy ways to recognize AI-generated images. One of the most common errors made by AI generators occur with human hands and teeth. Many times, AI-generated images have missing or inaccurately-sized fingers and teeth.

AI-generated art has also resulted in large controversies regarding copyright infringement. AI art generators often reproduce their images using copyrighted images from the internet. This aggravates many people because these programs essentially steal art from and profit from their
work. This has caused many companies such as Stability AI, DeviantArt, and Midjourney to be involved in lawsuits accusing them of violating the rights of millions of artists.

Even with all the controversy that comes with artificial intelligence, AI is a great way to boost efficiency and reduce human error. As time goes on, AI will only continue to advance and become more effective. I believe it is safe to say that AI is truly the future of all complex decision-making for

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